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Oktober 2003:
Spundae Recordings US zieht up-the-hill zu den neuen Büroräumen am Golden Gate Park. Unzählige Kartons sind voll und leer zu räumen. Wann werden endlich die neue Telefon nummern und die Postweiterleitung funktionieren?

September 2003:
Die erste Spundae single von Momu mit dem Titel "Bring It On Back!" kommt in die Plattenäden. Es ist eine Gemeinschaftsproduktion von Jondi (Jondi & Spesh) und Mark Musselman; San Francisco's Break-Beat Pioniers. "Bring It On Back!" ist ein warmer down tempo breaks Track mit coolem electronic feel. A must have! Noch nicht überzeugt? Dann check den trancy DJ 19 Remix oder den kick ass electro Remix von DJ Düse aus. Wusste ich doch!

July 2003:
Spundae begrüsst die führenden US Produzenten Jondi & Spesh an Bord des Labels :) Das Duo hatte sich mit seinen zwei Alben, unzähligen Remixen, TV und Filmproduktionen zum musikalischem Zentrum von San Francisco's Electronic Dance Scene entwickelt. Ihre Art Gallerie Parties, Mittwochs @ 111 Minna St. sind weltweit massstab setzend.

Mai 2003:
Spundae zieht mit seinem deutschen Büro um. Die deutsch-amerikanischen Kontakte werden ausgebaut. DJ Düse wir mit einem Remix für die kommende Momu Single betreut.

April 2003:
Die Debüt-Single "Mindgaps" von SUFFIX (Spun 012) erscheint auf Spundae Recordings. Jonathan Ojeda uund Doug Eisengrein kreieren dieses DJ-Monster, welches aus den dunklen Tiefen mit einer pumpenden Bassline und technoiden Perscussions aufsteigt. Der INFUSION Remix auf der anderen Seite legt noch eines drauf. Mit zusätzlichen Guitarren-Sounds und einer neu arrangierten Bassline treibt er es bis auf die Spitze. Geil.

März 2003:
Winter Music Conference in Miami/Florida: Spundae ist erneut nominiert beim Dance-Star Award für Bester Club/Beste Club Nacht mit ihren legendären Parties in Los Angeles im Club Circus.

Februar 2003:
Spundae feiert sein 10 jähriges Jubiläum an seinem Geburtsort San Francisco im Club 1015. Mit von der Party sind die DJ's Ferry Corsten, The Scumfrog, Spesh, Jonathan Ojeda, Gianni, Taj, Ellen Ferrato, Dave Coleman, Sen-Sei, Mystre, Fran Boissy und viele viele mehr.

November 2002:
Spundae Recordings releases the follow-up 12" by Chaos Theory "Flashback" (Spun 010). The original is a metallic, techy and driving deep tune! As it builds, the foundation is laid for a dark main floor monster. At its peak, it drops to a seductive female vocal and then sends you out with a throbbing bassline. On the deeper and chunkier flip side, this mix is the essential dub remixed by Soul Driver. With a slight vocal undertone you are still left with hints of the original. Very heady to say the least!

September 2002:
Mike Hiratzka and Jim Ramer releasing as Kung Fu Rodriguez their Spundae debut single "Streak" (Spun 009). As the original, it is dark, acidic, bass line intensive, four-to-the floor, straight ahead, progressive trance. Fhew! It is definitely one for the box. As it trucks and steam rolls, it will drive you into pure peak hour mayhem. More stripped down than the Chunked Up remix, but equally as powerful, you are sure to have something for every set!
Chunked Up Mix is Chuggy, subby, and oh so funky, this version submitted as the &supother⊃ A side is sure to wet the pallet and throw you into a sweat. It is deeper than the original, and immensely emotional all the way through. Very DJ friendly with its long intro and outro, it is an essential mix and a clearly effective track for the main room.

Juli 2002:
Resident DJ Cass veröffentlicht seine visionäre Doppel mix CD auf Spundae Recordings (Spun 011). Die Reaktionen sind phenomenal. Die elektronische Musikwelt als auch etablierte Magazine wie Rolling Stone und Billboard sind massiv beeindruckt.

Mai 2002:
To their 5-year anniversary Spundae Recordings releases Stuart King "Beautica" (Spun 008). Producer and DJ Stuart King and accomplice Richard Schiessl bond together here to create "Beautica", a dreamy melodic progressive house trancer. The flip-side then tips the scale with an innovative 4/4 breakbeat variation called "Tica Beau".

While Spundae starts a new weekly night at Chicago's Vision Club, Spundae is nominated for the Dance Star Award as Best Club/Club Night for their parties at Circus in LA.

April 2002:
Spundae joins forces with Clockwork and throws a party at The Cow Palace in SF, something the city hasn't seen before. More than 12,000 came out to see Chemical Brothers, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, John Digweed, Jimmy van M, Gianni and Armann The Brainchild.

März 2002:
During the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Spundae receives the Dance-Star award for Best Club/Club Night with their long lasting party series at 1015 Folsom.

Februar 2001:
With Carl Cox and resident DJ Jerry Bonham, Spundae Production celebrates their 9-year anniversary in San Francisco.

Sylvester 2001:
Spundae celebrates another year of success with 15,000 guests on Hollywood Blvd and Circus in LA and at 1015 Folsom in SF. DJ's of the two parties are Paul Oakenfold, Deep Dish, BT, Sander Kleinenberg, Mark Grant, DJ Irene, Grant Plant, DJ Sneak, Marques Wyatt, Jason Bentley, Kazell, Jonathan Ojeda and Tim Lawson.

November 2001:
Spundae hosts two special events with headliners Sasha and John Digweed. Together in San Francisco's Gift Pavilion and in Denver's Colorado Spring Civic Auditorium they pull a crowd of over 10,000 partygoers.

Mai 2001:
Jerry Bonham follows with his second mix CD "Interpretations II" (Spun 005) which include his first solo track "Erendira". His single made it into John Digweed's DJ sets for the preceding months. The simulations double 12" release (Spun 006) includes the unreleased track "Inner Depth" by Motive feat. Mark Hunt.

März 2001:
At the Winter Music Conference Spundae and Cream joining forces to present the best international talents at Shadow Lounge with Timo Maas, Max Graham, Jerry Bonham and others
The Spundae Mansion becomes legendary for afterhours.

Februar 2001:
Jerry Bonham's first release "Erendira" (Spun 007) is brought to life through the German collaboration with Raymund Becker and the effort of Hardy Heller. John Digweed loves it!

Januar 2001:
With "Abstraction" by Chaos Theory (Spun 004) Spundae Recordings welcomes the new millennium. Decidedly progressive with house influence, Abstraction journeys into the realm of summery pool-party beats, making the track a must have in any record box. The B-Side contains the decidedly progressive house track "Another Dimension". This amazing flip side intertwines smoky bass lines with silky beat progressions for a buttery smooth instant hit.

Sylvester 2000:
Spundae welcomes the new millennium with an open air party on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles and a legendary New Year's Eve party at their home base in San Francisco. Headlining DJs for the night were Paul van Dyk and Adam Freeland.

September 2000:
Spundae throws its legendary Labor Day Extravaganza with guest DJs: Donald Glaude, Grant Plant, Christian Smith, Mark Farina, Ellen Ferrato, Jonene & Tasho, Liam Kennedy as well as the entire Spundae resident crew.

Juli 2000:
Nikita and Spundae are voted best dance club in the San Francisco Bay Guardian's "Best of the Bay 2000", for the 5th consecutive year.

Juni 2000:
Spundae brings Torsten onboard as managing partner of Spundae Recordings to enhance the label with his experiences as co-founder and manager of MFS and their main act Paul van Dyk.

Sylvester 1999:
DJs Doc Martin and Terry Mullan headline this successful party, rocking in the new millennium.

Oktober 1999:
Thousand Words Magazine names Nikita the number one club in the country.

April 1999:
The Spundae Reckords store is born in the old Faster Bamboo space on lower Haight St. The store is maintained by resident DJ, Jerry Bonham. Spundae also moves it's headquarters to the same building. Opening day, John Digweed spins an in-store set to a packed crowd.

März 1999:
Spundae throws a real humdinger at Groove Jet in Miami, Florida for the Winter Music Conference. Sasha, John Digweed, Jerry Bonham and Jimmy Van Mallegham play for six hours at one of the most happening venues in Miami; and let's not forget the hotel room after hours party with Derrick Carter playing a five hour set.

Februar 1999:
Spundae rejoices in six years of killer parties with Adam Freeland, John Aquaviva, Jerry Bonham, Terry Mullan, Donald Glaude, Terry Francis, Kaos and Kayar.

Juni 1998:
Spundae Productions throws "Once in a Blue Moon", a free party starting on Sunday afternoon at Union Square with 2000 attendees and carrying into the night at Ten-15 Folsom with Sasha, John Digweed, Jerry Bonham and Carl Cox.

Spundae moves permanently to Ten-15 Folsom St. to promote their underground roots.

Mai 1998:
Spundae goes to Portland a third time with DJ Dan, Simon, Carlos, Jerry Bonham and Frankie Bones.

März 1998:
Spundae Recordings releases its first mix CD, "Interpretations", by Jerry Bonham.

Februar 1998:
Spundae celebrates its five year anniversary at Ten-15 Folsom St. Guest DJs include: Nick Warren, Terry Mullan, Carlos, Jimmy Van Mallegham, Jeno, Donald Glaude, Taj, Simply Jeff, DJ Dan, Jerry Bonham and the entire Hardkiss family.

Sylvester 1997:
Spundae celebrates New Year's at Ten-15 Folsom with DJ Dag, Mark Tabberner, Terry Mullan, Sandra Collins, Grover, DJ Dan and many other Bay Area artists.

December 1997: United States of Consciousness hosts Spundae in Seattle with Robbie Hardkiss, Gavin Hardkiss, Terry Mullan, David Michael, Jerry Bonham, Taj and Donald Glaude.

Oktober 1997:
Spundae hosts the first Global DJ Mix Awards in San Francisco as well as the Official Global DJ Mix Awards Boat Party held in San Francisco Bay with DJs Jerry Bonham, Little Louie Vega, Doc Martin and DJ Dan.

September 1997:
Spundae Recordings releases its second 12" "It's Raw" by Hardsequencer (Spun 002) licensed from Low Spirit Recordings Germany.

August 1997:
Nikita hosts Cream's U.S. tour with Dave Seaman, Mark Tabberner, Barry Weaver, Doc Martin and Jerry Bonham.

Mai 1997:
Spundae goes to Portland with Paul Van Dyk, Donald Glaude, BT, Terry Mullan, Carlos and Simon.

März 1997:
Club Nikita celebrates its first year with Derrick May and Keoki.

Februar 1997:
Spundae Recordings comes into existence with it¹s first 12" vinyl release, "Essence" by local Bay Area artist Atax.

Januar 1997:
Spundae's four-year anniversary party is held at Ten-15 Folsom. 3000 loyal fans join together with 18 DJs on four dance floors. Hardsequencer, Doc Martin and Donald Glaude headlined.

Sylvester 1996:
Guest DJ Laurent Garnier plays a memorable four hour set to a packed house at the legendary Ten-15 Folsom night club.

August 1996:
Spundae goes to Minneapolis with Kimball Collins, Carlos, Chad Mindrive, Scott Hardkiss and Simon.

Mai 1996:
Spundae rocks Portland for the first time with Deep Dish, DJ Dan, Carlos, Scott Hardkiss and Simon.

März 1996:
Club Nikita, a Friday night incarnation of Spundae, is born at Ten-15 Folsom St. Spundae Production sets a new standard­ pushing to bring world class DJ talent to San Francisco on a weekly basis. The first five weeks saw the likes of: Dmitri (NY), Doc Martin, Sven Vath and DJ Pierre as well as residents Jeno, Henrick and Simon.

Sylvester 1995:
Due to a stormy police climate in late 1995, Spundae forgoes the usual outdoor party and instead throws its bash at the legendary Club Ten-15 Folsom. 3,000 smiling partners danced on four dance floors until 8am with DJs Jeno, Simon, David Michael and Carlos.

Oktober 1995:
Spundae and the Sound Factory join forces for the one-off event of the year, "Ultimatum". World-renowned DJ Carl Cox played for a crowd of 1,100.

Juli 1995:
Spundae Productions throws "Nation" in the heart of San Francisco with an incredible line up including: Sasha, CJ MacKintosh, Masters at Work, Derrick Carter, Steve Loria, Donald Glaude, Jeno and Simon.

Juni 1995:
On June 21st, the city of Berlin, Germany, along with the Goethe Institute approach Spundae to stage a techno event in San Francisco to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. DJs on the bill included: Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills, Mark Spoon, Marusha, Hardsequencer, Blake Baxter, Jon Williams, Markie Mark, Henrick Rosal, Robbie Hardkiss and live P.A. by Space-time Continuum.

Sylvester 1994:
Once again Spundae and Wicked Sound System produce an indoor-outdoor block party, hosting over 6000 partygoers.

Sylvester 1993:
Spundae and Wicked Sound System create an impressive outdoor "block party" in the center of San Francisco. 5.000 New Year's revelers attended.

Mai 1993:
Spundae stages it's first three-day weekend party with: Jeno, Garth, DJ Dan, Josh, Dutch, Carlos, John Howard, Mark Farina, Henrick Rosal, Markie Mark, Aaron O. and others.

Februar 1993:
This is where it all starts. Spundae opens it's doors for the first time in the basement of Club DV8 / 55 Natoma St. in San Francisco. Resident DJs include Robbie Hardkiss, Scott Hardkiss, Henrik Rosal, Carlos, Dutch and Dubtribe as the live P.A. Within the first month of its existence, Spundae hosted Derrick Carter and Bam Bam.

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