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You always know when Jerry enters a room. An inspiration to fans and contemporaries alike, Jerry Bonham has arrived. With more than 23 years on the turntables, it would be trite to call him a mere veteran.

It all started back in 1976. A very dedicated Jerry would watch local DJ’s in his Minnesota hometown then teach himself what he saw. Pioneering techniques such as beat mixing was no easy task on such primitive equipment, but it didn’t take long before his hard work and determination paid off. He landed his first residency less than a year later. He stayed with Saloon until 1988 when he was lured westward to San Francisco and eventually to Spundae.

"Spundae Productions welcomed me with open arms from the beginning. The support they’ve shown and friendships that have developed are unparalleled."

A technical virtuoso and turntablist extraordinaire, Jerry continually reinvents himself and his sound. His first mix CD, Interpretations, was released to critical acclaim. While his sound is predominantly progressive these days, Jerry has been known to play a little of everything.

"The wonderful thing about being a DJ is that music is always changing...in the 70’s I played Disco, 80’s New Wave and Alternative, 90’s saw tons of Italian House and European imports….I’ve always played music that I believe in. That’s the bottom line."