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Having been infatuated by electronic music from a very young age, it was just a matter of time until Jim Ramer would try and make his mark on the dance music scene. Drawing influence from 80s and early 90s electronic acts like Depeche Mode, New Order, Front 242, Skinny Puppy and Ministry, Jim began experimenting with producing his own tracks in 1991. With what began as a hobby soon became an obsession when Jim discovered a little haunt in his native Gainesville, Florida called Simon's.

House, progressive house, trance, techno...call it whatever you want, Jim was hooked. For years it was just clubbing, buying records he couldn't afford and loving the music. It wasn't until he met Justin Nichols(Mojolators) while attending college that he was convinced to take a more serious approach toward producing tracks. Justin and Jim collaborated and began producing tracks that started getting notice on their label Unison.

As is typical in a college town, graduation came along and Jim and Justin parted ways. Jim then started working on solo tracks under the alias of Xero and released "Marooned" on Unison. "Marooned" got quite a bit of attention from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Chris Fortier, Taylor, Steven McCreary (charted #1), Pezz and Jimmy VanMallegham. Upon hearing the track, VanM rang Jim up and recruited him to work in his studio. The two tracks they worked on (one which was a collaboration with Sam Mollison and Jesse Skeens) never were released but got heavy rotation from Sasha and John Digweed.

Today, Jim is still producing on his own and along with others. His current projects include two releases with Kyle Hogan under the name Filterfuks on Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy Records and Vortex Records. Their first release, "Mojo", was featured on Liam Kennedy's "Atomic Trance" Mix CD. Also, Jim is working hard with Mike Hiratzka as Fu Man Sanchez and released their first single "Strapped On" on Ultra Records in 2001. In addition, Jim and Mike are working under the monikers Kung Fu Rodriguez and Hiratzka & Ramer and are again receiving critical acclaim. Their second single, "Streak" (Spundae), has been hammered by John Digweed, who dropped it on Radio 1's Essential Mix Live From Homelands and on his KISS FM show live from Bedrock at Heaven.

Jim's reputation as a top-notch producer keeps growing and growing. Along with his current recording collaborations, his recent solo works are again, starting to get heavy rotation from many prominent DJs. All of the hard work, dedication and love for music have paid off for Jim, giving him the opportunity to touch and enlighten people with the music he loves so much.