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Momu is a power tag-team vigilante duo made up of Jondi of "Jondi & Spesh" and Mark Musselman (left), one of San Francisco's most acclaimed breaks DJ's.

Momu's sound to date; wicked breaks, future tech sounds, breathtaking melodies, sinister FX, and devastating arrangements that wreak havoc on the dancefloor.

Spundae's 13th release Bring It On Back! is enriched with remixes by DJ 19 (aka Trancentral Station, Ambrozia etc.) who holds his residency “ageHa” in Tokyo’s biggest night club and is the mastermind behind Japans leading 19 Box Recordings. The European flair is provided by DJ Düse from Berlin Electro label DNS Records.

Current and forthcoming releases on quality labels are bursting out of the pipeline with big support from the world's top DJ's including DJ Hyper, Adam Freeland, Ashley Casselle, Nick Warren, Lee Burridge, John Digweed, Jerry Bonham, Jonathan Lisle, Blackwatch, Hernan Cattaneo, Cass and Hybrid.

In the visual arena, the music video of Momu's last single The Dive redefines what is possible in music videos forever. Director Kia Simon has pulled a master trump on this one so keep your eyes glued to MTV2


"The Dive" on Loöq Records
"The Dive" on Nick Warren's "Reykjavik" Global Underground
"This Is Momu" on Global Underground's "Afterhours"
Remix of "Mind Rewind" by Cass on Sabotage
Remix of "Levitate" by Justin O'Brien & Jonathan on Stellar
"Kittyhawk" on Functional Breaks
Remix of "No Harm" by Jondi & Spesh on Loöq Records
"This Is Momu" on Loöq Records

So listen up and Bring It On Back!


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