Jerry Bonham lives the music as passionately as he plays it.

John Digweed comments, “Jerry has been one of the main pioneers of the progressive sound on the west coast since the very start, forever championing the latest sounds and pushing the music forward. You are always guaranteed a solid set of the best music. This only proves to more people why he is a world class DJ.”

Jerry is one of the world's foremost progressive DJ's bringing SELECTED INTERPRETATIONS on vinyl from his 2xCD mix (Spun 005) right to your ear:

A. Murph - Dark Sympathy (Planet Heaven Mix):
Wicked operatic progressive tech house, how’s that for blurring the lines! (unreleased track)

B. Minders – Freakout:
Mike Hiratzka and Jesse (a.k.a. Medway) have created quite a track here, quality abounds. (unreleased track)

C. Motive – Inner Depth:
Mark Hunt and Company turn out a moody progressive house track that sets a nice atmosphere for this CD. (unreleased track)

D. Brian Stillwater – Thirteen:
Wait until you hear the chant that comes in about 1/4 of the way in to the track… haunting.