Kung Fu Rodriguez, also known as the infamous Mike Hiratzka and Jim Ramer, submit a driving, aggressive, floor storming set of mixes for this next Spundae Release:

Original: As the original, it's dark, acidic, bass line intensive, four-to-the floor, straight ahead, progressive trance. Fhew! It's definitely one for the box. As it trucks and steam rolls, it will drive you into pure peak hour mayhem. More stripped down than the Chunked Up remix, but equally as powerful, you are sure to have something for every set!

Chunked Up Mix: Chuggy, subby, and oh so funky, this version submitted as the "other" A side is sure to wet the pallet and throw you into a sweat. It's deeper than the original, and immensely emotional all the way through. Very DJ friendly with its long intro and outro, it is an essential mix and a clearly effective track for the main room.