Raise your hands to St. Hedonism, the patron saint of dance music, CASS. In a departure from the usual clichéd club compilation, Spundae's exceptional new resident breaks his mix CD virginity with SPUNDAE INTERPRETATIONS: CASS, a helter-skelter ride through deep, progressive and tech-edged house, break beat and techno.

is his first mix CD proper. "This mix is full of records that I love," says CASS. "All have been played to death by me. Personally, I think it's best thing I've done as a DJ and I'm quite a harsh critic. CD one," reckons CASS, "is one that you could make love to or have babies to. The second occupies darker, harder territories, one that's good to listen to before you go clubbing to get yourself up".



Jeff Sharel 'Time Condition' [Statra Recordings]

"It might be only on a little label from Brooklyn, but it's awesome. There's a big difference between minimal and boring, but this is minimal done very well. When the bass and kick drums come in it makes me screw my face up and go 'Woah!'"

Laurent Blondel 'Restless' [Statra Recordings]

"This is probably my favourite record on the CD. I picked this record cos it's the type of music that I dream of making. It's got these great chords, these superb Detroit stabs and I absolutely love it."

Bushwacka! 'Makesome Breaksome' [Plank]

"The wonderful Matthew 'Bushwacka!' B at his finest. It's like a 4/4 breakbeat hybrid. Matthew's not like anyone else. He's so clever and unusual, a true originator that no one seems able to copy. Really inspirational."

Plastikman 'Panik Attak' [Mute]

"A strange record. Very weird and very dark. It shows that dance music can be as innovative as classical music. There's this noise that just repeats and gets quicker and quicker till the beats drop out, and it seems like it's all in the wrong place. Clever."

Nu Mood Orchestra 'Aphrodisiac' [Statra Recordings]

"In my mind I've seen both CDs as a sine wave - like, yeah man! If this was a four hour set then this would be the middle bit where I have banged it with Plastikman and now I take my foot off the gas to calm the intensity."

ACCAPELLA over tracks 3-5
Cass 'Future Sound of Pornography' [Fire]

"A track that will be on my solo album. It features an ex-girlfriend - the very lovely Miss Kiss, which is her real name - talking dirty to me. She had a bottle of wine in one hand and http://www.spundae.de. well, we'll censor the rest. Obviously it's quite sexually charged by now so you can build the tempo with this, rather in the way that French Kiss did. It gives a quite trancey intensity to this section."

Space Junk 'Micro Groove' [Creative Records]

"This is a genuinely deep record. You might go through a lifetime and never hear a bassline written like this one. To do something this cool that does so little but is so innovative is awesome."

Lee Burridge 'Found' [Fire]

"A record that Lee Burridge did with Redanka, aka Andy Holt. It's great that Lee went into a studio and did something as good as this. It's very representative of him DJ-wise, and here the bassline picks up from the last track to put us back on the trail again."

Gus Gus 'Lady Shave' [Megman Megaton mix] [4AD]

"Gus Gus are an Icelandic band who I love, but this mix of this track has to be one of my top ten records of all time. I give credit to Danny Howells for this cos he turned me on to it after I heard him play it out."

Bushwacka! 'Egyptian' [Plank]

"This record typifies Matthew B - the breakbeat section is just awesome. When the beats drop it's just very phat, really dirty. With Matthew, it's like when The Joker sees Batman in action and asks 'Where does he get those wonderful toys?'. To me, I'm like 'Where does he get those amazing beats?'."

Mr C 'Because (?)' (Usual Suspects Mix) [The End]

"Yes, it's Bushwacka! again, this time a remix done with Layo. This is the sort of stuff I love to play; it's great breakbeat, with a soupçon of house in there, which takes it out of the realms of normal breakbeat. A very clever, very intelligent record."

Tom Mangan 'Backwards' [Fire]

"Out on my label and from the guy who does all the engineering on my solo stuff. A very cool record. I loathe to use the word progressive but it's very filthy and dirty and it sounds massive out."

Mekon feat. Marc Almond 'Stay With Me' (Roysköpp mix) [Wall of Sound]

"One of my absolute favourites of 2001. Roysköpp have really blown up as remixers and producers since this came out. This has big Euro riffs and it sounds like that wouldn't work but this is so full of energy that it does. A smiley record."


Charlie May 'Behemoth' [Junior]

"Charlie was one half of Spooky, one of the great progressive house acts of the mid-1990s. He's kind of why I'm doing this so it's good to doff my cap to him like this. This is a really epic progressive record that is really now. Emotive but tough."

Dark Globe 'Mondo Scurro' [Whole 9 Yards]

"Possibly my favourite breakbeat record of all time which is saying a lot. It is one of those records that I have battered to death and still makes me screw my face up when I hear it. So phat and so clever."

Si Brad 'unknown' [Toko]

"Just a very simple house record that sounds like it could have been done by Circulation or DifferentGear. Just the sort of stuff I would play on early on in a set."

Terry Francis feat. Haris 'unknown' [Swag]

"Another very down-to-earth house record. Terry is resident at the great Fabric in London and Haris is a guy from Croatia that Terry has championed. It's house with a touch of techno and dubby influences."

DJD pres. Hydraulic Dogs 'Shake It' (Styles Kickin)

"This has recently been picked up by a major label in the UK and will surely be massive. You can see why. It's all about the breakdown here although you can't deny the rest of it is excellent. Like an old-time ecstasy moment."

Ernest St Laurent 'Be With Me' [unknown]

"This is a great record, one of my favourites. Classic, quirky French business is this. Disco-like house number with a terrific bassline and a some mad French vocals saying 'Be with me', believe it or not."

Hairy Butter 'Locked In, Locked On' (Mr G mix) [Rogue/Hub 100]

"Driving techno, I suppose. Mr G is a member of techno gods, The Advent. I'd like to thank this record for helping me move from the disco groove of Ernest St Laurent to a much darker place."

Francesco Farfa 'The Search' (Weekend World mix) [Plastic Fantastic]

"A very nice record, really innovative. I love what Weekend World do, as remixers. They've don't overuse the vocal, just employ some really interesting sounds. Smooth stuff."

Cass 'Mind Rewind' [Fire]

"Don't know much about this guy. Hopefully will come out as a single, this. There's people like Terry Francis and Jimmy van M who are making these trippy records that are a bit like that West Coast sound that Halo and Hipp-E do. I tried to make a big record that is also housey and trippy. Like the DJ thing I want to have it all. I suppose I look to records like Hipp-E's Future!, which is a record that crosses all boundaries.

Excession 'Spatialize' [Fire]

"Grant Collins, who made this record, was originally a part owner of Fire but now he just makes records for us. This is him on top form. I love this. It's amazing breakbeat and when I play it I can't stop dancing to it and surely that's a recommendation for any record."

Cass & Slide 'All The Freaks' (Dark Globe mix) [Fire]

"Following on from their Mondo Scurro record earlier, so this balances it all nicely. We did a mix for them on a track they did with Boy George so they returned the favor for us. Sits nicely between Excession and the last track of all which is http://www.spundae.de."

Fluke 'Atom Bomb' [Virgin]

"Simply put, one of my favourite progressive house records of ever. It's the dark, Leftfield side of progressive that I am into. Big without being cheesy and a record that I often play as my last tune That's why it's here."